Available Screenplays

Fort Rules

In 1968, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King sparks unrest in an interracial Midwest neighborhood, testing the friendships of a multi-racial group of pre-teen friends and changing their lives forever. (Winner of a Hollywood Pictures/USC student fellowship, finalist in the Disney Fellowships program, semi-finalist in the Chesterfield Fellowships.)

In the past, women were raised to want five things for lifelong security:
1. Meet the right guy.
2. Fall in love.
3. Get married.
4. Move in together.
5. Buy a house.
But this is the 21st century. So Barbara Maitland, a successful, independent, single attorney, skips right to the last item, buys her own dream house...and winds up working her way backward through the rest of the list.

Barbie's Dreamhouse

In 1936, bank robber and British patriot Elmer Gatch plots the ultimate heist: stealing millions of dollars in Nazi war funds...from an entire chain of banks...simultaneously.

Night-shift worker Jack Gilbert, in person and through an anonymous e-mail correspondence, strikes up two different relationships with his day-shift boss, Christine, and begins to fall in love...just as he uncovers evidence of a major financial fraud perpetrated by her company.


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